Monday, September 9, 2013

The situation in Syria

For those of you who don’t know, the conflict in Syria between the rebels and the regime started already in 2011, but the most shocking attack took place early hours on 21st of August this year. At 1:15AM, the Facebook pages of the Syrian opposition reported that there was heavy fighting going on in the rebel controlled areas of Ghouta, which is the agricultural belt of east of Damascus. An hour later, in the Ein Tarma and Zamalka districts of Ghouta, there have been reports that bombs with chemical containment have hit the ground. People were sleeping when this happen, so many were under extreme stress and shock when they heard the explosion. Syrian government stated that no chemical weapons have been taken in use, but that there was however a fight going on in the areas I mentioned above.

Now, even though the government itself claimed that they didn’t use chemical weapons, there are some clear proofs that there was in fact a bomb with toxic gas that hit the ground.
First of all, the bombs didn’t explode, they simply fell down from the sky and a poisonous gas started leaking from them. The people who were woke up when this happened noticed that something was wrong with the air they were breathing. Many of them were moved to hospitals because they got poisoned.

The main question now is how the world can handle this situation where banned chemical weapons have been used against Syria’s citizens? What and how can we solve this problem?
The UN Security Council is dealing with quite tough decisions; they don’t know if they should send troops to Syria in order to solve the problem, or find a peaceful way, if there is one, of course. I guess that we just have to wait and see for ourselves which decision will be made and hope for the best one. No need to panic, folks. Or at least not yet.

I've used BBC as my main source when I was writing this text. I saw a video of the bombing reports and chemical attacks in Syria on


  1. They seem to have come to an arrangement about this now. It is a terrible conflict and the use of chemical weapons on civilians is just awful.

  2. Yes, I agree. I think that all any kind of weapon used against a human being is awful, especially if the weapon is prohibited.

  3. I think that what is happening here is horrible. The weapons that are used like the gas to poison people. Why isn'tanyone doing anything about this? The government is not doing anything to help them.

  4. hmmm intersting but i think it is bad how there using weapons to harm cilivans. but please comment back on my blog in a week or 2 thanks!

  5. I agree that what happened was horrible, especially the part about how the government is using chemical weapons. I hope that the conflict itself will soon be resolved.