Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review of the website “THINKB4U”

Hello and welcome to a review of the site “THINKB4U”, which is basically a very helpful website of you are new to technical devices and if you are unsure what to do on the internet in different situations. This is my first review so I hope you don’t expect too much from it. :)

On the website “THINKB4U” we meet the Parkers which is a cheerful family that teaches us how to be tech-smart. There are many videos to be found that they have made to learn us about the pros and cons of the internet. The family consists of a five members: a mother, a father, a boy, a girl, and a grandma. These are the main characters, or actually the only ones that we get to meet on the website.

When you’re watching the videos that can be found there, you will need to answer some simple questions in the middle of it. The questions are quite easy and have only two answers, either a yes or a no. Since the site is about having the right knowledge and competency when you’re browsing the web, you have probably guessed that the questions are for instance if you should state your e-mail password to an unknown website. At the end of the video you can check if you’ve answered correctly, and if you didn’t, don’t worry, it’s not a big deal. You will not get anything else but knowledge when you answer correctly anyway.

First of all, let’s start with the design of the website, which suits every age group out there. It has a very well organized structure and a modern design that makes it possible to navigate through the web site without any issues. There are not any unnecessary things on the web page at all, so it’s quite user friendly, in other words perfect for kids who have just entered the world of internet and need to learn how to be careful on the world wide web.

Another thing that I personally find very interesting is that there are no ads on the page at all as far as I’ve experienced. Maybe there were some hidden ones, but I really can’t remember seeing a single ad on the webpage. Not having ads on a website means less worries when your child is browsing the web, because some ads can really make you do something stupid, while others can show some really disturbing images or material inappropriate for children.

I guess that’s everything that you have to know about the website “THINKB4U”. Feel free to comment this review if you think that something is missing, and remember to visit the site yourself  if you want to learn more about it, because this text is pretty much a summed version of what you can find there. I would recommend you to visit the site especially if you are not that familiar with the internet, and what evil can be found out there. ;)

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  1. I think you wrote a great review of the site, seems to me you recommend it to most users! Think it is a good idea to learn more about this for most young people, grown-ups too probably!