Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A short description of my in-depth project

One of our tasks for our blog for this week was to write a short description of what our in-depth project is going to be about.
If you’re wondering what an in-depth project is, a short and precise explanation would be a project in which our task is to write an article about something we’re interested in. Or at least in our case it is.
Since our class is called “International English” and not only “English”, it is strongly recommended that we use a more formal type of English when we’re working on the written part of the in-depth project. In other words we should use a more complex language.
The reason why I mentioned “the written part of the project” is because we’re going to have an oral one after we are done with our article. This will be a hard project to execute, but I’m sure we’ll manage to work it out.

I have chosen to write an article about the Korean martial art taekwondo, and the reason why I chose this particular topic is simply because I’m training taekwondo myself and I want to teach the people in my English class how taekwondo started and what it really is.
Now that I told you that I’m training taekwondo, you’re probably wondering what belt I have and how long I’ve been training. If you are, I’ll tell you straight away that I have the red belt, and after this one there’s only one left, and that’s of course the one and only black belt.
Before I can get the black belt, I have to go thru three more exams or three more black stripes on my belt. If you are interested in knowing more about how the belt system is set up, you can search for it on Google because there’s quite a lot to explain, and I really don’t have time for that.

The questions I want answered when I’m done with this projects are pretty much the questions that you want answered. As I mentioned earlier I’m going to talk about what taekwondo really is and a bit about its history. I will also write about the different organizations such as ITF (International Taekwondo Federation) and NTN (National Taekwondo Norway), as well as some of the rules that are to be found in taekwondo. 

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  1. Sounds like an interesting project, will we get a demonstration?